OC Grand Jury Report states Desal is Needed Now

Click to learn more about why the Orange County Grand Jury sees desalination as a critical part of Orange County’s future water needs.

OCJG-StepsThe Orange County Grand Jury released a report about the importance of developing new water supplies and reducing our dependency on imported water.  The Grand Jury noted in their report:

  • “The environmentalists have had their say and have been reasonably accommodated.”
  • “The monthly rate increase is about the same as the cost of a Starbucks Venti, a small price to pay for a more secure water source.”

The report concluded with the statement, “It’s time to complete the permitting and contract negotiations and start the construction of the Huntington Beach desalination plant!”

  • Click here to read excerpt statements from the OC Grand Jury Report
  • Click here to read the Orange County Register’s front page story about the OC Grand Jury Report (June 7, 2014)

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